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Get insights into the status of your MagicINFO environment and user tips to get the most out of the software. Here's what you can expect from the MagicINFO Checkup:

  • We'll identify any vulnerabilities and potential problems in your overall setup;
  • We'll confirm whether your work method is the best strategy for your signage project;
  • We'll provide insights into your signage system, including firmware, and into the features of MagicINFO that you may have missed.

Request the MagicINFO Checkup and get discount on your order. Our MagicINFO Expert will contact you and take it from there.

New ebook
Interested in learning more about the importance of an up-to-date system, read the ebook ‘5 Tips to Optimize your MagicINFO Account’.

  • 3 common areas for improvement.
  • 5 tips to optimize your MagicINFO account
  • When to update, upgrade or migrate?

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