The MagicINFO Playground is an accessible, cost-free platform designed particularly for those wanting to explore MagicINFO. Not quite prepared for a full 30-day trial or don't have any Samsung displays on hand? No problem. The MagicINFO Playground is the ideal starting point for your digital signage journey. It offers a hassle-free environment to explore and test the features of MagicINFO, ensuring you're well-equipped to make the most of your digital signage experience when you're ready

  • Have full access to the Premium software version
  •  The Platform offers ready to use content to play with
  • Explore all features without any obligation
  • After using the form, you will get login details and direct access to MagicINFO.
The MagicINFO Playground is a public platform. So we strongly recommend not to use any private and/or business critical information. Every day the MagicINFO Playground will be cleared and all information will be deleted.


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