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Onboarding and Training
Have a look at the trainings we offer for any type of MagicINFO end user.

Learn more about MagicINFO

Software can be quite intimidating to work with from the start. You feel like there are so many options you and don’t know where to start. You want to work more efficiently or your signage strategy has changed, and need some help getting that implemented into your MagicINFO account. Whatever it is, filling a knowledge cap or just getting things done the right way and as fast as possible is what you need. Getting trained is the most powerful way in gaining an in-depth understanding of the MagicINFO software and becoming an expert yourself. It will give you all the tools you need, spend time efficiently and achieve more.

MagicINFO Onboarding

A step by step program that helps you get started with MagicINFO. After the onboarding program your MagicINFO account is fully configured to achieve your signage goals and to work efficiently.

training for content

Learn how to quickly create templates, well designed content playlists and gives you an in-depth understanding of all publishing options. This will help you to get your message to your right audience, at the right time.

MagicINFO training for IT

Learn about technical set up, manage devices, take a deep dive into server management and remote control. After this training you will know more about the technical facets for the MagicINFO environment.

MagicINFO Customized Training

Get an in depth understanding of MagicINFO. A combination between explanation and application lets you get the best out of the software. This training customized to your needs.

MagicINFO Checkup

Our experts will go through your MagicINFO account and provide a Checkup Report with quick wins and long term advice. You can deploy these to get the most out of your signage.

MagicINFO Reboot

Based on the quick wins and long term advice from the Checkup Report, our MagicINFO expert will optimize your MagicINFO account.

Your trainer 

“My name is Cor and it’s probably me you run into when you request a training. I train every MagicINFO end user who wants to learn more about the software’s features, or need help getting their strategy implemented. Over the years our team gained a wide experience in using MagicINFO and we helped hundreds of customers with their signage projects. So we came across a lot of questions that needed to be answered, issues that needed to be solved and also contributed to a lot of successful signage projects and created quite a few happy MagicINFO end users. And now it’s your turn!”

“We offer different training programs that meet a variety of needs but serves one similar goal: to get you to love MagicINFO! Do you want to discuss what training will be best, click the button to schedule an online meeting.”

Talk about training