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MagicINFO DataLink license

SKU 2017112

MagicINFO DataLink is a powerful addition to the MagicINFO software, making it possible to link real-time data to your current content. Imagine promotions that respond to weather changes, prices or offers that automatically turn off a central cash register system. You can make it happen with MagicINFO DataLink.

  • Display dynamically updated content easily from various sources and applications
  • Reduce content management costs and improve maintenance convenience
  • Non-expiring licenses/ one-time purchase
  • MagicINFO DataLink needs to be installed on a local server
  • MagicINFO Premium licenses are needed

MagicINFO pricing is per connected device/player.

Are you planning to set up a large display network using MagicINFO and/or DataLink? Contact sales for a custom quote.

Delivery within 48 hours.

121.00 Excl. VAT.


When you already have a MagicINFO License, please fill in the license key you would like to extend

Additional information


A license is needed for each device connected to the DataLink server.


MagicINFO licenses are required in order to use DataLink.

Bulk prices

On request.