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MagicINFO Solutions

MagicInfo Services is the all-in-one specialist for data-driven future ready digital signage solutions on the Samsung MagicINFO platform. Bring your signage strategy to life with MagicINFO. Get the right solution and learn how you can reach your goals:

MagicINFO Cloud

MagicINFO Lite

Easy, reliable and affordable cloud-based signage solution. Upload pre-built media, create your playlists and start publishing.

MagicINFO Premium Cloud

Easy, reliable and affordable cloud-based signage solution. Endless features, quickly up and running ready to achieve any signage goal.

Samsung RM Solution Cloud

Manage and monitor your Samsung devices from one central point. Works next to other signage CMS packages and SSSP solutions.   


MagicINFO Licences


Buy the Lite licence when you want to publish content to more than 25 displays using the MagicINFO Lite software as an in-house solution. 


Endless features to your disposal by activating this licence type after installing MagicINFO as an in-house software solution. 

MagicINFO Maintenance

Buy the Maintenance Licence when you are a MagicINFO Premium On-Premise user looking to upgrade to MagicINFO V9.

Samsung RM Solution Licence

Have complete hardware control activating the RM licence after installing the MagicINFO software as an in-house software solution.


MagicINFO Services

Training for

Learn all about creating content and publishing playlist during the Training for Content. 

MagicINFO Installation on your premises

Get MagicINFO installed on your server within your network. We come to your premises and take care of the installation.


MagicINFO can be installed via a remote session within your network. We take care of getting the system up and running. 

MagicINFO Training for IT

Learn how to use MagicINFO effectively for monitoring and controlling server and device network. 

MagicINFO Workshop

The MagicINFO workshop will give you an in depth understanding of MagicINFO features and is customised to your situation.

MagicINFO Consultancy

Get expert advice. Benefit from wide-ranging experience in installing, managing and creating signage solutions. 


Learn where and how you can optimise your MagicINFO account. Get a report with quick wins and long-term advice. 

MagicINFO Onboarding

Start your signage project. After Onboarding, you are good to go with a fully configured MagicINFO environment and playlists set-up. 

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