Offer a unique customer experience

Automotive digital signage is an effective solution to help dealerships create an ultimate brand experience that convinces potential customers and helps auto repair shops keep customers well-informed and engaged. With a wide range of powerful features, automotive digital signage is an effective marketing tool. Learn how to use MagicINFO for your business by watching the on-demand demo.  

Create a luxurious customer experience with digital signage

Digital signage is an extremely powerful tool for creating an engaging and memorable experience for customers. It can be used to influence, inspire and educate customers, all while increasing sales. Digital displays can be used to display information about your products and highlight the most suitable ones to customers as they shop. Combining digital signage with a data-driven and business intelligence approach can help you provide better services and improve customer experience in car showrooms.  Keep your customers entertained while they wait for service and repairs. Create crisp visuals and interactive content. Offer a personalized experience to your customers. Take them on a virtual tour to see your latest models. 

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Trusted by the world's leading organizations

Companies from all over the world trust MagicINFO for their digital signage needs. Popular brands include Yamaha, Opel, and BTA, among others.

Control from one central location

Monitor and control all your digital signage displays from one central location. Cut down the manual labor and automatically switch on/off devices, and update new content across the entire network with a few clicks.

Built-in player

Thanks to the MagicINFO built-in player, your business will save time and money on external digital signage players. It also makes this a lot faster and more convenient during installation.

Easy deployment

With MagicINFO, businesses can easily set up an entire digital signage network. New displays can be added and old ones removed with minimal effort.

Content creation tool

Businesses can take advantage of MagicINFO content creation features. Companies can upload a variety of formats, such as PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, videos, jpg, gifs, and many more.

How we deliver

Dedicated expertise

Our MagicINFO professionals possess deep  expertise and training in information technology best practices. We work with the world’s leading companies and apply our know-how to support customers across a wide range of teams.

Continuous oversight

Leverage MagicInfo Services pre-implementation solutions consulting, professional implementation services, and customer success management expertise to help you get the most out of MagicINFO.


Focused R&D support

Take advantage of MagicInfo Services' foundational implementation guides, developed by our team, to support many companies across retail organizations.

Digital signage solutions play a vital role in creating a luxurious customer experience

With digital signage solutions, your automotive company can stand out by offering a unique customer experience. Capture your client's attention by showing them interactive content tailored to their needs and wants. Easily manage the content and change between the playlists.

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Looking to increase sales in your dealership by using digital signage? Or maybe you want to create a unique and personalized experience for visitors? Talk to our MagicINFO experts and get started with the digital signage solution that fits your business best!

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