MagicINFO RM server license

SKU 2018023

RM Server is a separate licencing package from MagicINFO and is fully compatible with other narrowcasting software. With a RM Server license you can manage your devices remotely. At the same time, the open API allows your content management to run via your own CMS server. You have full control of all your hardware from one place. This MagicINFO service runs on Samsung Smart Signage Displays with Tizen (from Player S4) and SBB / PIM / 3rd Party Media Players (Player I).

MagicINFO pricing is per connected device/player.

Delivery within 48 hours.

65.00 Excl. VAT.


When you already have a MagicINFO License, please fill in the license key you would like to extend

Additional information


A license is needed for each device connected to the RM server.

RM software

To activate the licenses RM software needs to be installed locally.

Bulk prices

On request.