Solid technical foundations

Hosted solutions

Trust the system

Do you need a hosting solution but don’t have or want the technical know-how in house? Do you prefer to focus on your core business and trust an outside party to get the job done? Allow your own staff to focus on their own tasks, while knowing that your hosting is running smoothly? We have across the board experience with setting up extensive signage infrastructures in hosted environments. Whether you have 1 display or thousands, we build the right enterprise environment for you. We take care of managing and monitoring the servers, so you can continue to stay focused on your core tasks and future steps. Our direct line to Samsung means we can tap into up-to-the-minute knowledge too.

What we can do for you

Areas of knowledge

No more worry about managing the back-end of your digital signage. We take care of managing the servers, network, storage and applications for you. 



Developers that customise MagicINFO environments to your needs.


Solid technical foundations

Creating well thought out infrastructures for 1 or a thousand displays including multi tenant environments.



Eyes on monitoring dashboards and instant notifications to keep the system up and running without any hick-ups.


Back ups

We've got your back with smart back up management.


Software updates

Performing software updates and tests so you have a well functioning system.



Continuous security management and pen testing.

Looking for the cloud?

MagicINFO private cloud solutions

Do you want to control hundreds or even a thousand displays from one central point? We offer the MagicINFO private cloud. A solid foundation that can be customised to your needs for growth. Schedule a meeting to discuss your project with an expert. 

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