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MagicINFO Lite is ideal for small and medium-sized organisations. It allows you to create a playlist with pre-built media content. Build playlists real-time or use a pre-set schedule. Playing files is easy to do using the internal memory of the Samsung Smart Signage displays.

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MagicINFO licenses

Install the versatile MagicINFO software in your own IT environment and create, manage and monitor high-performing content within a powerful and complete platform. MagicInfo Services offers 5 MagicINFO license types. So you can choose the one that suits your organisation best.

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25 Lite licenses free available with the MagicINFO software. A license is needed for each device connected to the MagicINFO server.

MagicINFO software

To activate the licenses MagicINFO needs to be installed locally.

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