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MagicINFO Lite license

SKU 2016009

MagicINFO Lite is ideal for small and medium-sized organisations.

  • Create a playlist with pre-built media content
  • Build playlists real-time or use a pre-set schedule
  • Playing files is easy to do using the internal memory of the Samsung Smart Signage displays
  • Non-expiring license/ one-time purchase

Whenever MagicINFO gets installed on a local server, it already comes with 25 free Lite licenses!

1 MagicINFO Lite license = 1 connected device.

Delivery within 48 hours.

165.00 Excl. VAT.


When you already have a MagicINFO License, please fill in the license key you would like to extend

Additional information


25 Lite licenses free available with the MagicINFO software. A license is needed for each device connected to the MagicINFO server.

MagicINFO software

To activate the licenses MagicINFO needs to be installed locally.

Bulk prices

On request.