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MagicINFO pricing is per connected device/player. Licences are non-refundable.

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Are you planning to set up a large display network using MagicINFO?

Product description

Buying MagicINFO licences means you choose the MagicINFO solution that is all on-premise and you can enjoy the responsibility for keeping it up to date and arranging reliable backup systems,  therefore being fully in control.

We recommend MagicINFO Lite on-premise for small and medium-sized businesses that have easy access to their digital signage displays. With it, you can upload content items like video and jpg. MagicINFO Lite on-premise is preferred by organisations that only use the basic features of the software and want to install it on a local server. It is important to note that MagicINFO Lite offers limited remote hardware and device control

MagicINFO Lite is compatible with a full range of Samsung devices with a MagicINFO Lite or S-player. The combination of Samsung hardware and software allows for a steady content delivery.

Please note!
When downloading the software, the first 25 free Lite connections are available instantly. By purchasing a Lite licence, you agree to activate the 25 free licences.

NB: Licence orders are non-refundable.


Technical steps

To start your MagicINFO journey, you must first download MagicINFO for free. For your convenience, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to install MagicINFO. We have also taken the time to prepare a Knowledge Base article that explains in-depth the server specifications you need to have to install MagicINFO.



Create user roles defining standard permissions for basic functions
Restrict users to specific workgroups (optional)
Supports pre-built media content
Office: PDF, Word, PowerPoint* (*PowerPoint animations are not supported)
Supports video: i.e. mp4, mov, mpg2
Supports image: jpg, gif, png*, bmp(*excl. Lite)
Link content to organisations
Assign content to user groups
Graphical reports for device and content and playback statistics
Easily switching between content versions
Set overlay messages
Mobile Web Application 
Remotely managed settings: power, panel status, input source, volume and mute
Remote updating device firmware
Available API



MagicINFO Lite Resources

These are all the possibilities that MagicINFO Lite offers

Read the blog post

Trusted by the world's leading organisations

Companies from all over the world trust MagicINFO for their digital signage needs. Popular brands include Yamaha, Opel, and BTA, among others.



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