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In-house solution for full control

MagicINFO licences

Buying MagicINFO licences means you choose the MagicINFO solution that’s all on-premise and you can enjoy the responsibility of keeping it up to date and arranging reliable backup systems,  therefore having full control. Do you already have MagicINFO installed and want to upscale your signage network? Or are you ready to start with MagicINFO on your premises? You can change the quantity of your current licence key or buy new licences right here. 

No.1 signage solution

MagicINFO solutions


Endless features that meet your business needs

MagicINFO on your premises

Install the versatile MagicINFO software in your own IT environment and create, manage, and monitor high-performing content within a powerful, comprehensive platform. Having a solution that is all on-premise means that you are fully responsible for keeping it up to date and arranging a reliable backup system. You can create an environment that meets your specific standards and gives you full freedom to control.


Benefits MagicINFO on your premises



Although the MagicINFO software is available for free download, the connection of devices requires the purchase of licences. These licences are one-time fees as they do not expire. You can acquire new licences or increase the quantity by purchasing licences through our online store.

MagicINFO Lite
one-time payment, price per device
Limited remote hardware control
Extensive user management
Work with pre -built media content
Basic playlists types
Basic scheduling options
Mobile access to CMS
MagicINFO Premium
one-time payment, price per device
All Lite features and RM features
Full remote hardware control
MagicINFO Web Author
Use web content
Create templates
Conditional scheduling
Smart playlists
Samsung Remote Management
one-time payment, price per device
Full remote hardware control
Use own CMS or SSSP app
Device settings control
Quick control
Multiple security settings
Remote software updates
Pre-set multiple devices
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Activate free trial licences

Download the software and set it up on your network. Easily connect displays with either the complimentary 25 Lite licences or opt for the 50 Premium or 5 RM trial licences for a 60-day trial period.

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