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MagicINFO Training for Content

During the 3-hour online training for content, our consultant will guide you through all the practical know-how to unlock the full potential of MagicINFO. We will walk you through the entire creative process so that after you complete the training you will be able to manage and create content in MagicINFO like a pro!

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Joey Mensen

Business Developer

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MagicINFO Training for Content

During the Training for Content, you will get practical advice and know-how from the MagicINFO consultant that teaches you all about creating and publishing content. According to a set training program designed for content managers, we go over the full creation process. This training will explain all features so you can use them effectively for your purposes. 

Skills you will acquire:

  • Upload files
  • Create content with the MagicINFO Author
  • Create templates
  • Create Playlists
  • Use different Playlist types
  • Create Schedules
  • Use all Scheduling options

What you get:

  • A 3-hour online training session with our MagicINFO expert
  • A training certificate issues by MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom

N.B. The instructions will be given in English. 

MagicINFO Training for content

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Take a look at our frequently asked questions

Do you only offer online training or can it be in-house training as well?

Our MagicINFO training for content creators is an online course for anyone who needs to learn how to create, manage and publish content. After the training, you will learn how the software works and what you can do with it.

Is this training also suitable for experienced MagicINFO users?

Yes, it is. Our MagicINFO training for content creators is suitable for everyone who is responsible for creating content at an organisation. It is perfect for communication and marketing professionals. Experienced and new MagicINFO users can also benefit from this online training.

Does this training only cover the content creation and publishing aspects or also the technical part of the solution?

Our MagicINFO training teaches how to quickly create templates and well-designed content playlists. It also gives you an in-depth understanding of all publishing options. If you are interested in the IT aspect of the software, we recommend you check out our MagicINFO training for IT professionals.

In which language is this training provided?

This training is provided in the English language. 

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