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HYGH is an innovative and fast-growing digital outdoor advertising company based in Germany. Their real-time digital out-of-home (DOOH) services are targeted, affordable, and fast which is why they are suitable for SMEs as well as large-scale corporations. Currently, the company offers its services in 7 cities across Germany and plans further expansion.

To achieve its business goals HYGH needed a digital signage solution that offers remote control access to individual devices and options for scalability, among other things. After thorough research, HYGH ended up choosing MagicINFO via MagicInfo Services because it matches both of their main requirements as well as the software and the important services like support and a high-end cloud environment. Also, by using our company, HYGH could reduce its environmental footprint and significantly reduce costs.

Hygh Introduction

The story of HYGH

HYGH is a digital advertising platform that gives brands local visibility in high-street locations. This innovative company brings the digital age into the streets by bringing digital signage displays. They help brands use 100% moving content for advertising campaigns which in turn yields better results.

The company offers digital outdoor advertising in 7 large cities in Germany - Berlin, Köln, Hamburg, Frankfurt, München, Düsseldorf, and Stuttgart. At the moment, HYGH has a network with over 1600 connected digital signage displays. The brand plans to scale up and install screens across Europe in the upcoming years.

What is truly interesting and unique about HYGH is that the company developed its own booking software. Thanks to that HYGH is able to revolutionalize the DOOH industry. The company’s goal is to maximize the results of advertising campaigns with high-end content on high-end displays. 

Remote management and scalability challenges for HYGH

Remote management and scalability challenges for HYGH

HYGH has an innovative approach to the DOOH, but they had to overcome two major challenges–remote management and scalability. First, the company had to figure out a way to control its entire display network from one central location. To achieve its business goals, HYGH also needed a solution that would allow easy deployment and installation of the devices. 

So, HYGH looked into different options, including working with a digital signage solution company. After exploring a variety of options, the company chose MagicINFO via MagicInfo Services because of the Remote Management solution that allows them to easily control any display in their network.

In addition to that, the Remote Management tool also helps HYGH with the scalability of their operations throughout Germany, and across Europe in the near future. With MagicINFO, HYGH eliminated the need for an external player, and as a result, its installation fees and environmental footprint were reduced. 
HYGH was able to take advantage of another unique opportunity by choosing MagicInfo Services. MagicInfo Services provided custom API entries for HYGH so they were able to optimize the workflows in their own software related to MagicINFO. With the custom API, HYGH connects the two systems to run and manage its signage network more efficiently.

Unlike many MagicINFO users, HYGH is using the signage solution to its full potential and frequently challenges its boundaries. For example, the HYGH content publishing process is optimized so that when you upload an image or video to the system, that image will automatically appear on a specific playlist and schedule. 

Also, the company uses extensive API to manage its digital signage displays. HYGH can set on/off timers and adjust screen settings, like the brightness of a display from a remote central location. Furthermore, the company can extract data from MagicINFO to see what’s happening with the server thanks to the API integration.

Why HYGH Chose MagicInfo Services

As we mentioned, HYGH looked into different digital signage options and after thorough research found MagicInfo Services. In their words, MagicInfo Services was ‘the most experienced company for MagicINFO in Europe’ at the time, which is one of the reasons why they chose it. 

Additionally, HYGH had contacts with Samsung Electronics, who also referred them to MagicInfo Services, which is an excellent stamp of approval. MagicInfo Services met with HYGH in person at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in 2020. At the event, the two companies discussed their technical expertise and their strong areas as a company.  

Why HYGH Chose MagicInfo Services

Moreover, HYGH needed a high-availability server environment which was something that MagicInfo Services could provide them with. As a tech company, HYGH is well aware that every software solution has its own limitations and flaws. 

MagicInfo Services shows its clients how to get the most out of their MagicINFO environment. This was vital for HYGH as they often push the boundaries of the signage solution to create an innovative product for their own clients. And in less than a week, HYGH’s MagicINFO environment was up and running.

For the time being, MagicInfo Services is taking care of the MagicINFO server environment for HYGH. The DOOH company decided to trust the solution provider with this task because their cloud services are scalable which aligns with HYGH’s business goals. Moreover, our team is taking care of any server issues as quickly as we can.

The results

1600% growth

Network Increase

With MagicINFO, HYGH managed to grow its digital signage network from 100 to 1600 displays and paved the way for tens of thousands more.

>98% uptime

Online rate

The company achieved average online rates of >98% throughout the network because of the Samsung Remote Management tool combined with comprehensive monitoring.



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