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Frequently Asked Questions

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MagicINFO software

What are the main differences between Lite and Premium?

The MagicINFO Premium option is the most extensive version. It offers the MagicINFO author that empowers users with a set of creative tools to create mind blowing content; templates, multiple source and HTML, to name a few. Next to this Premium has out of the box conditional scheduling capabilities and brings you in-depth hardware control thanks to remote management.  Lite, on the other hand, is less extensive but just as powerful. However with Lite you can only work with uploaded pre-built media content and offers basic playlists and scheduling options. With some of the most used hardware control settings to set remotely it can be just enough to serve your signage goals. and basic hardware control. 

What does it mean to have MagicINFO installed on your premises?

When you choose to install the MagicINFO software on your premises, within your own local (Windows) server, you are fully in charge of managing the MagicINFO server. Maintaining the server, keeping it up to date and running smoothly is all up to the IT department of your organisation. It is a situation where you install the software and buy non-expiring MagicINFO licences for each device that you want to use with MagicINFO.  

What does a MagicINFO cloud solution mean?

The MagicINFO cloud solution operates on a subscription basis, allowing you to utilise our dedicated MagicINFO server managed by our expert team at MagicInfo Services. We ensure top-notch performance, regular software updates, and constant accessibility. Contracts last a minimum of one year, with the option to close monthly after the first 12 months. Subscriptions are required for each connected device, along with a one-time setup fee. For those seeking to connect over 80 displays, our private cloud solution offers tailored features and customisations for efficient display management. For more details on these services, reach out to our sales team.

Are the solutions secured?

MagicINFO provides a secure solution with customisable settings to enhance security across various levels within the software. Users can assign different roles and access levels, while device-level access can be restricted with error notifications. Additionally, MagicINFO is among the select few solutions that are ISO certified, ensuring top-notch security standards. We prioritise the security of our hosted solutions by conducting regular penetration tests, with all data securely stored in European data centers.

How can I create and design content?

MagicINFO Premium provides access to the MagicINFO Author tool, allowing you to unleash your creativity by crafting content from scratch. With the ability to create customisable templates and explore various sources, including web (HTML) content, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, you can effortlessly upload pre-made media files such as pdf, Word, PowerPoint, and a range of video formats. For a comprehensive list of supported file types, refer to the feature table. In contrast, MagicINFO Lite solely offers the option to upload content for playlist creation.

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Payment and Billing

How does a cloud subscription work?

When opting for the MagicINFO cloud, each device you wish to connect to the MagicINFO server requires a subscription. You have the flexibility to choose between monthly or yearly payment options, with the subscription renewable on a monthly basis after the initial year. A one-time setup fee is included in your first subscription order to cover administrative tasks and services needed to kickstart your account.

Why do I pay a one time setup fee?

When purchasing your initial cloud subscription, a one-time setup fee is applied. This fee covers necessary administration tasks, account creation, and display connections. Rest assured, this fee is a one-time charge and will not be incurred with additional subscriptions.

Why do you need a licence or subscription per device?

The MagicINFO system is a comprehensive solution that includes content creation tools, a centralised server for content, device, and data management, as well as the MagicINFO player. Each player requires its own licence for connectivity, with its dedicated connection and data pathway. To ensure seamless operation, a subscription is needed for each connected device/licence.

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Getting Started

Can I try MagicINFO first before buying?

Yes, you can try MagicINFO before you choose to move further in your purchase. We have the option to go for the 30 day trial using MagicINFO as your complete platform for managing content and devices. You can sign up for the trial and credentials that you can use to login to MagicINFO. They are send to you personally. You get the steps to follow to connect you device and then you are good to go. 

Considering MagicINFO installed locally, you can download the free software and once installed you can activate up to 5 Premium Lite licences which are valid for 60 days. 25 Lite licences comes with the software and are free to use. 

Which displays can I use with MagicINFO?

MagicINFO is a Samsung product and only works with Samsung devices with a MagicINFO player. This can either be a Lite player or an S-player that supports Premium features. There are Samsung Smart signage displays without the MagicINFO players available! So before you order your new displays, always check the specifications and see if the display you have in mind has a S-player or Lite player built in. You can find the full line up Samsung Smart signage displays at https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/ and look at the specifications at the feature section, here you will see the display as a built-in MagicINFO player or not.

Are there any support resources available?

We are one of the few MagicINFO experts that offer an online knowledge base with lots of FAQ about the software. Next to this we have some useful tutorials published on our YouTube channel and our support desk is available during office hours to help you get back or on-track! 

For everyone new to signage or a complex strategy to get into the software we have an onboarding service where we completely configure your MagicINFO account to your specific needs and goals.

Next to this we offer online training focused on content creation and managers or for the ones in charge of the technical part of the software, like device and server management. 

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