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MagicINFO Remote Installation 

When you purchase a MagicINFO licence, the on-premise installation follows. This typically requires some IT knowledge, so we can help you install the latest MagicINFO software for your own server. 

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MagicINFO Remote Installation

Remote installation is especially useful for organisations that have a high interest in maintaining the safety of their data. By opting for the remote installation you get your own MagicINFO environment so all the data is kept in-house. MagicInfo Services can help install MagicINFO in your network and if needed, our system architect can create a well-thought-out process, making sure the software installation goes smoothly. 

What you get:

MagicINFO Remote Installation that: 
  • Makes it easy to start working with MagicINFO
  • Eliminates the IT hassle
  • Is completely secured
  • Comes with 25 MagicINFO Lite licences that have no expiration date. MagicINFO Premium licences are not included. 
MagicINFO Remote  Installation

Anything still unclear?

Take a look at our frequently asked questions

Who is going to arrange the server?

When you want MagicINFO to be installed within your premises, you need to take care of a server with the needed specifications

What's included?

A remote installation done by professionals includes a technical inventory and advice. Once the installation is completed we check if everything is working like it should. We manage the basic device settings and perform firmware updates and take care of display configuration and connections. Once this is all done, we offer the option for a Quick user tour to help you get started. 

Is there any training available?

Once you have MagicINFO installed, we advise you to sign up for the Technical Training. During the 3-hour online training session for IT, you will learn all about the technical aspects of MagicINFO. We have designed a training program specifically for IT and System Managers. At the end of your training, you will have an in-depth understanding of your MagicINFO environment and you will be able to manage your signage network like a pro!

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Trusted by the world's leading organisations

Companies from all over the world trust MagicINFO for their digital signage needs. Popular brands include Yamaha, Opel, and BTA, among others.


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