DataLink for real-time data-management
Display dynamic data with easy updating capability
  • 10 years of experience
  • 10000 displays
  • 300 partners​
  • 100 countries​

About MagicINFO DataLink

Manually adjusting content changes isn’t labour-intensive, but it is very error prone and is often reactive. In addition, you’re trying to be active, but decisions will be taken based on your figures and content, so it has to be up-to-date. A package such as MagicINFO DataLink is essential to show up-to-date information relevant at a certain time. Samsung’s MagicINFO DataLink is an extra package to MagicINFO, Samsung’s content distribution system. Combined, these make real-time data-management within reach.

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MagicINFO DataLink licenses can be activated once the MagicINFO and DataLink software is installed.

MagicINFO DataLink

  • Access to the online Service Portal
  • Non- expiring licenses
  • Full in-house solution
  • Display dynamic data
  • Reduce content management costs
  • Ready to connect to other data sources
DataLink Data sheet

Imagine promotions that respond to weather changes, prices or offers that automatically turn off a central cash register system. You can make it happen with MagicINFO DataLink.

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