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MagicINFO installation files

Download the free MagicINFO software and discover all the digital signage possibilities with Samsung MagicINFO.  All the software files and guides you need are on this page.


Simply download the software and activate 5 licenses for 60 days for free.

MagicINFO software

MagicINFO Server (V6.0 Build NA-MIPS-6002.0)

First install the database (PostgreSQL database) before installing the MagicINFO server. Download the latest MagicINFO server software here.  

MagicINFO Author (V6.0 Build NA-MIIPA-6000.3)

Download the latest MagicINFO Author software here. 

MagicINFO Videowall Author (V6.0 Build NA-MVAX-6000.2)

Download the latest MagicINFO Videowall Author software. MagicINFO Videowall Author here.

MagicINFO Premium RM Server (V1.0 Build NA-MIIPR-1002.0)

Download the latest MagicINFO Premium RM Server software here. Please take note:  needs to be installed on a different server than the MagicINFO server.

PostgreSQL database (version 9.3.8 x64)

Download the PostgreSWL database software here. Please do this before installing MagicINFO software. 

MagicINFO Player (I V6 Build NA-MIIP-6000.4)

Download the latest MagicINFO Player software here.

MagicINFO Premium DataLink (V6 Build NA-MIPD-6000)

Download the latest MagicINFO Premium DataLink server software here. Please take note: needs to be installed on a different server than the MagicINFO server.


How to install MagicINFO 

Follow the simple steps in the Samsung Installation Manual to install MagicINFO yourself. MagicInfo Services support can assist you with your installation or take care of the installation for you.

Installation instructions