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Beter Bed, established in 1983, is dedicated to helping people achieve better sleep, leading to a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

Their customized range of beds, mattresses, pillows, and bedding caters to individual preferences and requirements. With a team of experienced employees, Beter Bed offers exceptional service, guiding customers in making the best sleep choices.

As a sleep expert with 40 years of experience, Beter Bed consistently stays ahead of the latest industry developments. Their online and in-store services are designed to cater to various preferences and budgets, helping everyone achieve better sleep and long-term well-being.

Beter Bed is part of Beter Bed Holding, a European retail organization with a presence in the Netherlands and Belgium. Their portfolio includes Beddenreus in the Netherlands and DBC International, featuring brands such as M line. What began as a family business has evolved into a publicly listed company that still functions as one big family, united by their shared passion for providing the best sleep experiences possible.

Challenge: Guide customers more effectively toward the optimal sleeping experience

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Guide customers even better toward the optimal sleeping experience

"Good sleep starts with a bed that fits you perfectly," says Martijn Akkermans, Director of Retail Operations at Beter Bed. "As a market leader, we have the expertise and experience to provide everyone with the perfect sleeping experience."

He says the new store concept optimally brings that expertise to the fore. "We want to provide customers with professional and independent advice in every phase of the customer journey, both online and in the store, like here in Groningen [the Netherlands]. Together with the Samsung Business Center, we looked at how we could achieve that. With this new store concept as a result."

SOLUTIONS: Smart sensors and displays create an interactive store experience

3 custom build solutions developed by MagicInfo Services for Beter Bed

The Samsung Business Center (Adaptable) and MagicInfo Services played a vital role in this project. The first took care of the digital signage displays, whereas we developed 3 custom solutions for Beter Bed - YoYo, Dynamic Price Card, and a Configurator. 

"Many retailers are focusing on an omnichannel approach, where the online and offline customer journeys seamlessly merge," says Marc Janssen, Senior Manager Sales IT Division at Samsung. "Digital signage technology offers a tailored shopping experience that increases interaction and conversion." 

custom build solutions developed by MagicInfo Services


Janssen continues further and adds "All displays can also be easily controlled remotely via software. Moreover, they are much more durable than traditional point-of-sale materials. That enhances your image."

"The setup in the Beter Bed store is unique of its kind," van Deurzen explains. "These innovative solutions fit perfectly with our mission: designing the future together with our customers."

“It all started as a fun creative project for us and it quickly turned into one of the most technical rollouts that we’ve undertaken. After months of hard work, we managed to develop not one, not two, but three custom solutions for Beter Bed to help them achieve their goal to improve the customer experience and interaction,” says Wybren Jongstra, General Manager at MagicInfo Services.


Samsung hardware 

"The twelve-meter-wide LED wall automatically displays the right product information when a customer approaches," says Mark van Deurzen, director and owner of the Samsung Business Center. He continues that the technological showcase in the store is "the twelve-meter-wide LED wall above the highlighted assortment of mattresses." 


The company wanted to show specific product USPs whenever a person was nearby a certain mattress. To fulfill that requirement, we used our very own sensor-based MagicINFO solution, YoYo. With it, the business can showcase specific content on screens whenever a person walks toward a mattress.


I-ITD-152-Desktop-1310x344px-INLINE-02 (1)


A Configurator

Beter Bed also offers a range of options to build your own spring box bed. Due to the large number of combinations, the company cannot possibly display all in-store. To tackle this, MagicInfo Services developed another custom solution - a configurator. 

In-store visitors can find small displays that allow them to choose their perfect bed. Almost everything is fully customizable so Beter Bed’s clients can build the bed of their dreams. Once the client has selected their perfect setup, they can order it when talking to a representative. 

Dynamic Price Card

On top of that, Beter Bed’s clients can have a unique customer journey. Store visitors can find the perfect product for their needs in four simple steps by selecting their preferences. Once the person has found the product that matches their needs the most, they would want to know the price. 

Hence, MagicInfo Services developed the so-called Dynamic Price Cards. Those connect with a POS system to display the right price or discount for the selected item. Beter Bed operates in the Netherlands and Belgium meaning that the discounts may vary from one store to another.

Additionally, this solution allows Beter Bed to always show the correct pricing in the store. On top of that, the need to manually adjust those is reduced to a minimum which makes the entire process more time- and cost-efficient.

All of the data is divided into two systems. One that only contains the products’ pricing and the other with products’ details. MagicInfo Services had to build that from scratch because this is not yet possible with the MagicINFO software. 

About Beter Bed

Client: Beter Bed
Location: Groningen, the Netherlands
Industry: Retail

Digital signage solution used by Beter Bed

  • Twelve-meter wide LED wall
  • Sensors
  • MagicINFO

Beter Bed's goals with digital signage

  • Create an immersive experience

MagicINFO advantages

  • Capture customer attention
  • Offer interactive experiences
  • Schedule and Playlist features



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