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EPOS is known for its exceptional sound quality and pioneering methods, setting it apart from other technology audio companies. Originally established as Sennheiser Communications, EPOS originated from a partnership between the well-known audio expert Sennheiser and the hearing healthcare group Demant.

EPOS's story is a narrative of innovation and strategic evolution, born out of a desire to blend cutting-edge audio technology with consumer needs. For nearly two decades, the company honed its expertise in sound engineering, focusing on how the brain perceives sound to craft audio solutions that require less brain energy, improving concentration and reducing listening fatigue.

In 2020, a strategic decision led to the end of the joint venture, giving rise to the independent EPOS brand. This pivotal moment was about focusing on specific segments: enterprise solutions and gaming. The transition ensured that all the accumulated technical knowledge, engineering expertise and a dedicated team of employees were seamlessly integrated into EPOS.

Now, EPOS stands as a testament to its roots in Sennheiser's legacy, yet with a clear vision for the future. It continues to innovate, pushing the boundaries of audio technology to create products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of its diverse clientele. 

The Challenge: Innovating the Customer Experience 

EPOS, a leader in audio solutions, encountered significant challenges in their quest to showcase the advanced features of their headsets. The first one was demonstrating the effectiveness of their noise cancellation technology across various headset models. This necessitated a solution that was not only flexible but also future-proof.

In addition to this technical challenge was the need for a practical, customer-centric approach. EPOS aimed to create an immersive and interactive testing environment, allowing customers to personally experience the superior sound quality and noise-cancelling capabilities of their headsets. 

This aspect was crucial in a competitive market, where direct product experience significantly influences consumer decisions. The company needed a system that was not just technologically advanced but also intuitive and engaging for end-users, effectively conveying the unique benefits of EPOS headsets and setting them apart in the audio industry.

The Solution: MagicINFO and Interactive Digital Signage 

EPOS found MagicINFO to be the perfect tool because it is a powerful digital signage software. This platform was flexible and could grow with their needs, making it ideal for displaying their wide variety of headsets.

MagicINFO excels in showing content on multiple screens and works well with different headset models and connectivity types. This flexibility allowed EPOS to create a captivating experience for customers, especially highlighting the noise cancellation feature of their headsets in a unique way. This ability to interactively showcase EPOS's special features was crucial.

In addition to the digital signage software, the EPOS setup included an interactive element called YoYo, a specially designed add-on for MagicINFO. It incorporated different sensors that detect proximity. Specifically, the use of Nexmosphere sensors allowed for a smooth transition between different headsets and the content displayed on the screens, enhancing the overall user experience.



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Why MagicInfo Services Were and Are the Perfect Choice

MagicInfo Services stood out as the perfect partner for EPOS owing to its specialised expertise and commitment to providing customised digital signage solutions. Our focus ensured that EPOS's specific digital signage content requirements were precisely met.

The team's proficiency in integrating digital signage hardware and software seamlessly was key in addressing the complex challenges EPOS faced. Furthermore, MagicInfo Services’ ability to innovate and adapt to evolving technological needs resonated with EPOS's vision of a future-proof system. The dedicated support and collaborative approach were instrumental in developing a solution that was not only effective but also ahead of its time. 

However, it is important to mention that we were not alone in this. To create such a comprehensive digital signage solution for EPOS, MagicInfo Services collaborated with Branding AV, a long-standing partner who provided all the hardware needed. Branding AV also partnered with Xclusive International, which gave the custom solution its sleek and easy-to-carry design. 

About EPOS

Client: EPOS
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Industry: Retail

Digital signage solution used by Schutrups

  • Samsung Digital Signage Displays
  • Custom application for showcasing different product features
  • MagicINFO

EPOS' goals with digital signage

  • Effectively showcase the unique features of their headsets
  • Offer an elevated customer experience by making the testing environment fun

MagicINFO advantages

  • Capture customer attention
  • Offer interactive experiences
  • Schedule and Playlist features



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