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Discover which MagicINFO product suits your needs. Learn more about MagicINFO product features. Have a look at the comparison table and find out wether you need MagicInfo Lite or Premium, or perhaps the Videowall solution. Remote Management Server (RM) is a separate license that you can use for full remote hardware control of your Samsung Display next to your content management system. MagicINFO DataLink for real time data management is mentioned as an extra module to MagicINFO Premium.  

Features per product
RM Server
User Roles & Profiles
Create user roles defining standard permissions for basic functions
Organisations / Workgroups
Build fully separated "organisations", restricting users to particular environments
Restrict users to specific workgroups (optional)
Content Creation
Create content easily using the built-in Web Author
Use of widgets
Display pre-built media content
Hybrid input sources are possible
Device input sources option
Content Types (Web, PPT, PDF, etc.)
Office: PDF, Word, PowerPoint
Video: i.e. mp4, mov, mpg2
Image: jpg, gif, png, bmp
Streaming content (i.e. MMS, RTP, RTSP, HTTP, HLS) only for S3+
Fully supported web content
Content Templates
Endless templates options with the Web Author
HTML5 web package possible
Content Grouping
Content is linked to organisations
Assign content to user groups
Content Scheduling
Advanced schedules support time and event triggers and message overlays
Smart scheduling based on content and device tags
Multiple channels possible
Content Approval
Select specific users to approve content
Configure content approval per organisation
Content Fall-back
Custom logo option
Content playback reports
Graphical reports for device and content and playback statistics
Content Tagging
Extensive content tagging functions
Content Version Control
Easy switching between content versions
Hybrid Content Sources
Multiple content sources with the Web Author (URL, RSS, device input sources like HDMI, COAX, DP, etc.)
Smart Playlists
Build smart playlists with content and device tags
Nested Playlists
Nested playlists option
Advertisement Playlists
Create specific advert playlists with special playback settings
Overlay Message
Set special overlay messages
Mobile Phone App
Full mobile access to CMS
Device Control
Complete built-in remote device control, live content view (using RM Server)
Disable physical remote control and buttons (option)
Power, panel, status, input source, volume and mute
Remote control and restart
Update screen firmware via server
Remote access, real time view
Support third party Windows computers
Extensive API available
Add other credential services by manually editing Tomcat website (LDAP,option)
Available with scripting, extensive possibilities with MagicINFO DataLink