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Theatre Geert Teis

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On the border of Groningen and Drenthe, you can find Theater Geert Teis, the leading local theatre. The building lies in the center of Stadskanaal and has been the cultural heart of the region for years. On a yearly basis, around a hundred professional performances are presented to a diverse audience.

Geert Teis is located in the heart of Stadskanaal. It is one of the most modern theaters in the Netherlands.

A multifunctional building in which you can also find a library and a music school. Following the example of new, small foreign theaters, the theater hall was built in such a way that the spectators, as it were, "sit around those who are on stage". The hall also has a fly tower and a large stage, which houses the orchestra.

Challenge: How to effectively target your audiences using digital signage

Theater Geert Teis Stadskanaal

The Geert Teis theatre was looking for a way to gain better insights into their audiences. They already had worked with MagicInfo Services before, when we helped install 10 Samsung displays. This time the challenge was to use the displays to target different audiences. That way, Geert Teis could plan their schedule and have better knowledge of the audience a specific play would attract. 


Targetting the right audience at the right time

The Samsung displays were installed a while ago, but uploading content in the theatre’s look-and-feel quickly and easily proved to be a challenge. Luckily, the most recent version of MagicInfo plays on older Samsung displays as well. A reliable and intuitive system that makes it possible to plan far ahead. Ideal for theatres, which work with a fixed calendar each year.


"It is said that a customer needs ten touchpoints before deciding to buy. Digital signage is a way to set up a couple of these touchpoints quick and effectively.” Koen van Hees, the communication adviser at the Geert Teis theatre, looks at the Samsung displays as an essential part of their marketing strategy. “Digital signage is a great way to inform people about upcoming performances.”

To solve the issue of planning the schedule for the upcoming weeks, we first checked the previously installed Samsung displays. Next, we updated them to run the latest version of MagicINFO. Finally, our team used Web Author to create templates with Geert Teis's own look and feel. Therefore, Geert Teis was able to display the schedule with unique templates, to reduce the waiting time perception and to have a better understanding of their audience. The advantages of using MagicInfo Services for Geert Teis translated into the opportunity for planning ahead, and having an improved ambiance with quick and intuitive displays. Furthermore, the displays allowed for consistent communication using the standard templates that were created by our MagicINFO experts. 

About Geert Teis

Client: Geert Teis
Location: Stadskanaal, the Netherlands
Industry: Theatre

Digital signage solution used by Geert Teis

  • 10 Samsung displays
  • MagicInfo Services with Web Author
  • Templates in own look and feel 


Geert Teis's goals with digital signage

  • Reduce waiting time perception
  • Persuade people into purchasing tickets
  • Show the schedule in a smart way

Advantages of MagicINFO

  • Possibility to plan far ahead
  • Improved ambiance
  • Less perceived waiting time
  • Quick and intuitive
  • Standard templates for consistent communication



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