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KUHN is the market leader in the field of agricultural equipment and globally employs about 4,400 people. KUHN Geldrop BV employs about 350 employees in the Netherlands.

Agricultural needs are continually evolving, and there is a rising need for high-quality goods and services. In order to fulfill the shifting demands of agriculture, KUHN works to ensure the availability of the best equipment. 

The mission of KUHN is to provide agriculture with high-quality parts, products, and services.

KUHN provides a variety of goods and services that guarantee performance. The company has been in the manufacturing farm machinery business for over 190 years.

Challenge: How do you involve 350 employees in company developments?

Manufacturer of agricultural equipment KUHN in Geldrop

Manufacturer of agricultural equipment KUHN in Geldrop, the Netherlands, was looking for a way to inform employees of company visits, news items, and personnel figures in a valuable way. Broadcasting with digital signage displays turned out to be the solution.

Internal communication was fragmented at first. Throughout the building, there were bulletin boards with company information. A quarterly newsletter was also distributed, but not everyone had an e-mail. The challenge was finding a way to engage all employees.


In-house management and strategy

KUHN deliberately chose an on-premises installation. With a local server and their own emergency power supply, the employees have everything under their own control. 

In-house management and strategy

"This way we are independent of external parties and adjustments can be made at any time," the KUHN spokesperson says. The HR department usually makes those adjustments. "They quickly mastered the software. New trainees can create a presentation after the first day of work without any difficulty and watch the uploaded content live." 

The templates provided by MagicInfo Services (powered by ScreenCom) make it super easy to maintain a consistent look. Should you get stuck, support is always available. "Even though it is not complicated, with support there is often just a little more possible." 

At KUHN, the content is always tailored to the location of the digital signage display. For example, whoever enters sees a welcome presentation explaining the complete production process of agricultural machinery. 

"People who need to wait for a while respond very enthusiastically to these presentations.” This makes KUHN a company that knows its way well in the strategic use of broadcasting with digital signage solutions.

About KUHN

Client: Kuhn
Location: Geldrop, the Netherlands
Industry: Agricultural engineering

Digital signage solution used by KUHN

  • MagicINFO Premium on-premise solution
  • Support services
  • Content templates

KUHN's goals with digital signage

  • Drive employee engagement
  • Waiting time relief/business intelligence

MagicINFO advantages

  • Energy efficient
  • No external hardware required
  • Templates for consistent appearance



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