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The Environment Agency for the Utrecht region (ODRU) supports municipalities and authorities in the Central Netherlands region in implementing environmental and surrounding tasks. 

Two hundred employees work with the municipalities on a safe, sustainable, healthy physical environment for residents and businesses.

The mission of the Environment Agency for the Utrecht region is to provide a physical environment that is secure, sustainable, and healthy. In the area of environmental permits, ODRU assists and counsels local citizens and companies. ODRU consists of experts in environmental supervision and enforcement regarding safety, air, noise, energy, trash, and soil.

Environment Agency for the Utrecht region (ODRU)


Challenge: Filtering the most important communications from a flood of information?

Challenges of ODRU

The intranet of the Environment Agency for the Utrecht region (ODRU) is up to date, the latest news can always be read here. But when you want to be sure that the employees read the most important news, that is not enough. Broadcasting had to make the essential information internally manageable.

The biggest challenges for ODRU were:

  • Keeping employees informed as effectively as possible of relevant news.
  • Communicate directly and clearly convey information without distracting from work

Input from the workplace

"Employees are typically flooded with information within the organization," says Heidi Geurtsen, communications officer at the Environment Agency for the Utrecht region (ODRU). "To be able to distinguish between handy facts and really important information, we installed displays at the entrance and the two wings." By using images and short text to draw attention, you get employees to read the news on the intranet more extensively.

Input from the workplace

Geurtsen was a pioneer in sharing information. Now, there is actually a lot of input for content from the workplace. "Since you are so actively involved, people see immediate results. That encourages them to supply content themselves, too!"

When the news is suitable for the displays, a notification is on the screens for a maximum of 2 to 3 days. Uploading the messages themselves takes no time at all: "The templates work incredibly easily, and the software is very intuitive. You spend time to make the text as short as possible!"

This is partly to do with the software and the structure of the templates. "MagicInfo Services (powered by ScreenCom) has created beautiful templates for us in our style and clear instructions on how to place your content in them."

The advantage of this is that you keep the content current and consistent. Because of that busy workers don't get bored quickly; there is always something new to see. "Still, we want to look at how we can make it even more visually appealing in the future."

About ODRU

Client: Environment Agency for the Utrecht region (ODRU)
Location: Utrecht
Industry: Public sector

Digital signage solutions used by ODRU

  • MagicINFO Premium Cloud
  • Samsung Smart Signage Displays
  • Support

ODRU's goals with digital signage

  • Informing employees and visitors
  • Creating a nice working atmosphere

    Advantages of MagicINFO
  • Options to automate information
  • Use of text-image combinations
  • Increased engagement 
  • It works very easily



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