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A Century-Old Business Innovating Retail Experience with MagicINFO


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Schutrups, a century-old shoe store in the Netherlands, specialises in custom-fit footwear. They expertly blend traditional shoe crafting with modern orthopaedic support, ensuring every customer enjoys comfort and style in their perfect shoe. 

Schutrups, a Dutch family-owned business for over a hundred years, originated as a humble workshop focused on repairing and producing wooden shoes.

Over the years, it expanded its offerings from children's shoes to a wide range of footwear and orthopaedic services. Under the leadership of Jan Schutrups, the company grew significantly, adding a foot care department and hosting community events.

Known for their dedication to providing comfortable and pain-free walking experiences, Schutrups stands as a testament to enduring values and innovative growth in the retail industry.

The Challenge and Solution: Enhancing Customer Experience with MagicINFO 

As Schutrups experienced remarkable growth, two major challenges emerged: enhancing the in-store customer experience and effectively showcasing their diverse product range. With an expanding customer base, Schutrups faced longer waiting times and the need to keep customers engaged and informed during their visit. 

To address these challenges, Schutrups considered several digital signage solutions. The key was to find a technology that could seamlessly integrate into their existing setup while offering an interactive and informative customer journey. After thorough research and evaluation, Schutrups chose the MagicINFO solution provided by MagicInfo Services, drawn to its capability to enhance the in-store customer experience through dynamic digital signage. 

Why MagicINFO was and is the Right Choice for Schutrups

Schutrups, in its quest to enhance customer experience and showcase its diverse product range, conducted an extensive search for the right digital signage solution. This journey led them to MagicInfo Services, renowned for being the most experienced MagicINFO provider in Europe. 

MagicInfo Services not only offered the technical solutions required by Schutrups but also created a personalised application for overseeing customer flow. Using a number-based system, allowed customers to interactively see when their turn was coming, effectively managing expectations and reducing perceived wait times. This innovative solution was a testament to MagicINFO's ability to create bespoke digital signage solutions, perfectly aligning with Schutrups’ commitment to personalised service and customer engagement.

Schutrups case study - why MagicINFO was the right choice
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Personalised Content

Emphasising the local aspect of their business, MagicINFO allowed Schutrups to create tailor-made content that resonated with their community-focused ethos.

Improve Perceived Waiting Time

The custom application developed by MagicInfo Services helped Schutrups address their most pressing challenge: effectively managing incoming customers.

Engagement and Education

The digital signage provided a dual benefit – keeping customers engaged during wait times and educating them about Schutrups' unique products and services.

Ease of Scalability

As Schutrups is currently looking towards opening another store and expanding their foot care services, MagicINFO proved to be the right choice as it is a scalable solution that could grow with their business.

About Schutrups

Client: Schutrups
Location: Exloo, the Netherlands
Industry: Retail

Digital signage solution used by Schutrups

  • Samsung Digital Signage Displays
  • Custom application for managing appointments
  • MagicINFO

Schutrups' goals with digital signage

  • Reduce customers' perceived waiting time
  • Effortlessly manage customer appointments 

MagicINFO advantages

  • Capture customer attention
  • Offer interactive experiences
  • Schedule and Playlist features



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