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Your digital signage at peak performance, while drastically reducing your operational costs? That’s what MagicInfo Services support is all about. Long-term service contracts, 24/7 or get your answer in 6-12 business hours. We offer access to our entire Knowledge Base, with all the answers you need.

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Free access to all MagicINFO manuals and articles.


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Have a look at our How to video’s at our YouTube channel. 

MagicINFO training

Workshops and online trainings for end users, systems managers and designers.

MagicINFO web manual

Full Samsung MagicINFO manual.


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In order to keep our support free, phone and ticket or email support are limited to MagicInfo Services’ customers, partners and 30 day trial subscribers during the trial. If you are a free user, help is still available in the knowledge base and our other online free available support resources. This means you can easily solve minor problems yourself.

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