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About MagicINFO

MagicINFO is a smart, intuitive content creation and management solution that is included with every Samsung Display Solutions product. MagicINFO provides end-users with a suite of creative tools built to facilitate content creation and display management. Users enjoy a range of opportunities, from creating eye-catching digital signage to designing and managing complex, interactive multimedia display systems.

Create content

MagicINFO allows users to upload various ways in getting the message across. Whether you have created content in your own design application or use the extensive MagicINFO Author to create your content. Creating content to make a powerful presentation has never been so easy. You can configure the layout and resolution, use landscape and portrait layouts as well as formal and informal video setups. The Author offers a variety of templates, clip arts and you can add widgets or QR codes to increase customer engagement. Next to this, it’s very easy to upload files directly from zip files or even the source folder itself.  A range of features that gives complete freedom in creativity for every user.

Set up a playlist

Login to the MagicINFO server to upload, organize and build playlists from various content types. The MagicINFO Server uses a “drag and drop” interface making playlist creation simple. You can add a variety of content files saved on MagicINFO Server to create a playlist for sequential or random playback. Apply screen transition effects when playing content files and set the right date and time to publish your message effectively. Use nested playlist reduces time and effort when scheduling promotional content by allowing the user to create a playlist with a variety of playback content that disappears after a set time period. Are you dealing with plenty of content? Use Tag Management to create a playlist effectively based on your content tags. Reassured that all your playlists are securely stored and previous versions can be accessed at any time.

Publish content at the right time and place

The easy scheduling tool allows users to schedule content by the click of a button, customizing the date and time the content goes live. Publish your playlist using the agenda for each device separately or as a group, change playback data and time in a blink of an eye. Next to general settings, scheduling offers additional features that makes publishing content easy and effective. Think about using channels, you have up to 7 channels available per schedule so that gives you a lot of options in when to prepare and publish content. Another powerful feature is to divide the layout of your display into frames with each its own schedule. MagicINFO allows users to play desired content/messages or change device channels when the event conditions are satisfied.

Streamlined device management

Samsung’s MagicINFO is a completely integrated solution for monitoring and controlling hardware issues remotely, eliminating the need for site visits. It serves as a virtual “remote control,” permitting content managers to change display properties from anywhere. As a single integrated solution, MagicINFO is an all-in-one solution for all types of displays including LCD and LED signage from standalone to outdoor, interactive displays, video walls and more. Managing your devices has never been so easy.

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